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diet for diarrhoea

Diet Plans for Diarrhoea in Delhi

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Diarrhea occurs when stools become loose and work without any consistency. It is an effective way to remove the undesirable substances from the body.

Causes of Diarrhea: There are lots of reasons why you may have diarrhea but the most common causes include food poisoning, food allergies, bacterial or viral infections, and complete a problem with digestion food.It is caused by food poisoning that can be due to bacteria in food or water, food allergies or a virus. It can also be caused due to consumption of alcohol in excess, laxatives or caffeine.

Symptoms of Diarrhea: The symptoms for diarrhea are vomiting, stomach pain, consistent thirst, fever, nausea or even dehydration. The results for the same may be dangerous in children as well as in people aged above 65 years.

Avoid the following food if you have diarrhea

  • * Greasy, deep-fried and fatty foods
  • * Rich sauces - may worsen diarrhea
  • * Sugary or spicy foods
  • * Sugar-free gums and candies (contain sweeteners that could irritate the problem)
  • * Gas forming foods - beans, onions etc

Healthy Diet for Diarrhea :

  • * Bananas
  • * Rice
  • * Apples
  • * Toast
  • * Crackers
  • * Pretzels
  • * Apricots
  • * Mashed potatoes (avoid using milk or butter here)
  • * Noodles
  • * Smooth peanut butter
  • * Eggs {boiled, poached or scrambled)
  • * Skinless chicken (not fried)
  • * White fish (steamed or grilled)
  • * Lean beef

Diarrhea can exist alone or as a symptom of another underlying condition. It is characterized by frequent, loose or watery stools and may be accompanied by abdominal pain, cramping, fever, thirst, and vomiting. When the digestive system is confronted with a toxin it shifts into overdrive and simply clears itself of everything in the way.

Because diarrhea causes the body to lose water and essential nutrients, individuals should replace them by drinking lots of herbal tea, vegetable juices, vegetable broth or electrolyte replacement drinks that supply chloride, potassium, and sodium. You also need to be on the look out for the signs of dehydration; symptoms include, infrequent urination, dark or concentrated urine, loss of skin elasticity and lack of energy.



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