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diet for insomnia

Diet Plans for Insomnia in Timarpur

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Since time immortal, herbs, vegetables, fruits and nuts provided our first super healing medicines and still do. Food is often the best and safest remedy, no one has ever scummed to an over dose of parsley, garlic or chamomile tea.

Here is a treasury of simple fruits that provide remarkable relief for dozens of common health ailments. These remedies are in expensive and have the curative power of many common prescription drugs- without the harsh side effect, so go ahead and try them in your daily life.

BANANA – Minerals Mine

Nutritionally, banana is richer in minerals than any other soft fruit. Bananas provide calcium and phosphorus for healthy skin, teeth, and bones. Banana also provides more potassium than yogurt for stabilization of blood pressure and as much pectin fiber as an apple which prevents and alleviate constipation and dysentery and helps block absorption of fats that elevate blood cholesterol.

Source of CHROMIUM for Athletes, Dieters, and Diabetics. Banana’s are one of the few fruit sources of chromium, the micro mineral responsible for the synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol. Chromium is also critical for diabetics because it stimulates the metabolism of glucose for energy. Chromium speeds up weight loss and fat loss and promotes an increase of lean muscles. As a bonus bananas are low in calorie but high in satiety value.

Preventing deficiencies. Bananas help prevent or pay back nutrient deficiencies of B – Complex vitamins, vitamin K and vitamin C created by regular use of laxatives, contraceptives, caffeinated drinks, and alcohol. Banana is a reliable source of infection fighting vitamin B6, which is also essential for the synthesis of hemoglobin.

APPLE - A Miracle

Flavonoids – the antioxidants present in apples are 20 times more potent than vitamin C and 50 times more potent than vitamin E, according to the British Throat Foundation. Flavonoids appear to protect the heart by preventing the formation of plaque that clogs arteries and by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Another cardio vascular bonus: apples have little sodium, no fat or cholesterol and provide 70 percent more potassium the mineral that enhances heart muscle function. Apples also contain high levels of pectin that forms a gel in the stomach that prevents total absorption of the fats in foods. Apples contain the compound ellagic acid which blocks cancer causing the action of many pollutants and protects you from the toxic effect of carcinogenic benzene compounds.

An apple a day for mental clarity. Boron present in apples improves mental alertness. Boron also appears to curb calcium losses that lead to osteoporosis. Insomnia is cured by applesauce or stewed apples and a grated apple applied topically is said to have a germicidal effect on sores and sun burns.

Apples for beauty. The apple slices or pureed apples also make good skin tones and anti wrinkle masks. Studies indicate that application of apple helps remove damaged aged cells, soften skin and slow aging by stimulating dermal collagen production.



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